Getting ready to graduate university in summer, I wanted to start preparing for being a self employed photographer. The first step was finding a studio space, luckily we had a room that had no use other than being a dumping room. I persuaded my parents to let me claim the room and I would do everything needed!

Starting Point



Hole in the wall

Update: 06/12/20

After clearing out the space and seeing how much work actually needed to be done I decided I would hire professionals, as this was too big or a job for a DIY especially when you're not handy in any way! I the next step from here was to sort out the electrics. Originally there was only one plug socket, which wasn't very ideal for a studio. Last week 3 sockets, one single and two double were fitted and I also had the light changed so I could have more space above, it is now a strip light. The electrics where fitted by Dan at 230 Electrical and he did such an amazing job!

Now that the electrics were done the next thing was the roof and walls, I decided on getting them plastered. To do this I had the amazing R and G Building Development over to insulate and fit the plaster boards. The room already looked tons better with the new light and plaster boards.

I was then advised to fit the new doors before I had the plastering done, so I had to order custom made doors to fit the spaces, this put a halt in the development of the studio as I have to wait for them to be made and with covid this was going to take longer to complete.

After we cleared the rubbish

New light

Plaster boards on the roof

Plaster Boards and new sockets

Update: 29/02/21

Yesterday the new doors were fitted by R and G Building Development! They look so much better than the original doors and just make the room more secure!

Today the plastering was completed by IC Plastering Solutions and I think it just pulled the room together it is looking SO much better than what I started with!

New double door

New doors, plastered walls and roof

Plastered walls and roof

Update: 16/03/21

Aaaand we have skirting boards and the room has been painted! The floor has also been fitted! All that's left to do now is to get furniture and bring in photography equipment!

I decided on white walls to help the room reflect light when taking photos. I feel this colour helps make the room seem bigger too!

I also decided on using felt backed vinyl for the floor, I was originally thinking of laminate but decided on vinyl as I didn't want to hear my foot steps when walking on the laminate. Also, I figured I would probably be moving things around a lot, so didn't want to scratch laminate flooring. I am happy with my decision of vinyl floor, the felt back helps it feel cushiony and nice to walk on.

I got two chairs which I am in LOVE with, as I thought if I had clients they would need somewhere to sit! But I needed quite small seating as spacing in the studio is limited.

Freshly painted!

New floor!

New chairs!

Update: 24/03/21

I ordered a background stand kit to originally hold backgrounds but after setting it up in the room and setting the lights up, the room felt very cramped! I then had the idea of using a long curtain pole, so I went to B&Q and purhcased a white 2.5m curtain pole with the brackets. Also, I bought extra brackets because I plan to put some lower and some higher to I can move the pole up and down easily.

When my next student loan comes in I will be looking at wall mounts for the soft boxes, to help take stands off the ground.

Background stand kit

Curtain pole