Today, I held my first Autumn Mini sessions and I'm so happy with how they turned out. What is a mini session? A mini session is a 'smaller' version of your normal packages, this helps to give clients a taste of what you do!

The sessions I held where 30 minutes each and had a 10 minute 'buffer' in-between each session, so in total I did 7 sessions over 4.5 hours.

To have clients book the sessions I used a free trial of Acuity Scheduling and this made the booking process so easy!

I chose to hold the mini sessions at Haigh Woodland Park, this location was perfect as it was nearby, was very accessible in terms of parking and looked visually appealing. The outdoor setting worked perfectly to adhere to covid-19 guidelines.

The weather started off quite dull, I was scared people wouldn't turn up if it started raining, but luckily it brightened up through the day, although it was a little chilly everyone turned up at their booked time and it ran smoothly!

This experience has shown me how fun mini sessions are, and I'll definitely be doing more in the future!