I've been wanting to do a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch for a long time! I always love looking at peoples Instagram posts when they visit one, how cute they always look.

From doing this shoot, I have found that visiting a pumpkin patch is nothing like the instagram posts, it's slippery and muddy. The pumpkins are dirty - as to be expected - and the patch itself is busy!

We visited two pumpkin patches and the first was busy! It was hard to get photos with the amount of people there but we managed to get some good ones!

The pumpkins where organised by colour and we gravitated towards the orange ones as we felt those look the best! We took the most photos at the first patch as it had the most vibrant pumpkins.

Ripe Pumpkins!

The second pumpkin patch was not as successful as the first one, the pumpkins where very green and the scenery around it wasn't too aesthetically pleasing.

Top tips I learned from these shoots:

  1. Patience is key: you need to have patience to wait for a time where there's not many people around, so they aren't in the photos.
  2. Scout locations first, pumpkin patch's pumpkins will ripen at different times.
  3. Prepare to get dirty! Ideally have a change of clothes for the model incase they get dirty!

Unripe pumpkins