We got to Crosby beach for 5am, waking up was a struggle! It was SO worth it, the sunrise created such a soft golden glow. I've come to realise golden hour at sunset is so hit or miss, especially with British weather. I've had the most luck with sunrise, and this sunrise did not disappoint!

Crosby beach was so quiet and peaceful early in the morning, we stayed until 9am and even then there was barely anyone else there. However, one piece of advice: watch out for the jelly fish!

This shoot was very eventful, but I feel that it was 100% worth it with how the photos turned out! We ended up almost getting stuck by the tide coming in and had to beat the tide back to shore before it closed in on us - that is another thing to watch out for!

I collaborated with Caitlin May Cowan, who I have worked with previously and as always she was amazing!! I 100% recommend working with her as she does amazing every time and is so natural in front of the camera!