On Wednesday we had the pleasure of having Thomas Duffield as our guest lecturer! He spoke to us about his final major project called 'The whole house is shaking', The project 'The whole house is shaking' has been published with TidePress. The title of the project came from a page in one of his sister's old school books (that is also featured in the publication with TidePress) where for a spelling test she had to use the word in a sentence. One of the sentences she had written was 'My grandma's house is made of brick'. Thomas spoke about how this sentence resonated with him and gave him the feeling of security.

This project is very personal to Tom, it mainly focuses on his family and his experiences growing up. While Thomas was growing up, he and his family lived in a caravan that was placed on a farm, this is tied in with his work as he features the caravans window and other scenes such as a bathtub in a field. Duffield's father developed a heroin addiction that he didn't find out about until he was 10 or 11 years old. Despite finding out that news Thomas says he remembers his childhood to be happy and charming. Thomas' father left when he was still young and they didn't speak for a very long time.

However, this project also features his present experiences with his family. Thomas wanted to capture his mother's experience with his father. He knew she had now got past carrying the weight of the stigma of heroin addiction, he wanted to capture how tranquil and peaceful she is now.

Thomas Duffield: 'The whole house is shaking'

Thomas then went on to talk about a project he made called 'Just couldn't get the shoes to fit' that he made with his grandfather. This project focuses on a shift in roles with his grandfather by both of them getting older. Duffield's grandfather was used to being the hardworking paternal figure, caring for his family he was now coming to terms with accepting help. Whereas Thomas was young and needed care, he is now starting to give care.

During this talk He emphasised that we should "honour your intuition" that even if something doesn't work, at least we tried.

Thomas Duffield: 'Just couldn't get the shoes to fit'