I saw this video on Tik Tok and I HAD to try it. Watching @furryfritz's video, I thought this is easy enough right? The end result is pretty cool... I can do this! I was wrong. Very wrong. This was so difficult!

First, I followed what he did in the video, the only difference being I used a blue background not a white one.

I thought I was ready to bring in my cat but first, I'll test to see what the set up looks like in camera. This is where I realised I had a problem. All three of my cats are black, so I planned on using a soft box flash to light them... only I quickly discovered using flash made the fairy lights non-existent in the image. Example shown below.

With Flash

Without Flash

Kenan In the Clouds

To deal with the lack of light I used two soft boxes either side of the set up, but not as flash. I left their modelling lights on to give some light in the image. I also used a ring light to light the cats face. The next problem I faced was my cats willingness to cooperate. Kel did not like the stuffing that the 'clouds' were made out of, he was not up for co-operation. Kenan finally co-operated with the use of bribes. As long as he was being fed treats he was content!

Kenan did a good job modelling, as long as treats where in sight. However, with his dark fur and the lack of light I could use, this image had to be altered in photoshop. I lowered the shadows ALL the way, but this makes him look very grainy.

Top tips for trying this trend:

  1. Make sure your cats will co-operate - if they won't bribe them!
  2. Try using a lighter furred cat! If that isn't an option, check tip 3!
  3. Have some continuous lighting to help light your cat.